Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our New President

First, I'm going to write what I've heard about what the Obama administration plans on doing next year, then I will write my thoughts. So, here it is:

1) Freedom of Choice Act (make abortion totally legal and completely unrestricted in all 50 states and fund them for those who cannot afford them).

2) National Government run health insurance, that we are all forced to partake in.

3) The "fairness" Doctrine to try and silence right wing talk radio.

4) Taking control of all of our 401K plans (I'm seriously not kidding), and paying us a fixed 3% rate of return. This is Barney Frank's brilliant idea!

5) Nationally legalizing Gay marriage.

6) More Payroll taxes + Obama will lower his tax increases down to $42K when he discovers "just how bad it really is" and "how much more money he needs" to fund all of the wonderful new programs.

7) Draconian Carbon tax that will drive our utility bills through the roof, and shut down our economy.

The thing is that the only way Obama won was that he totally promised people that he is someone that he is not.

BUT, my thoughts are:

God knows exactly what is going on, and is above all earthly leaders. Because He is in control of all of Heaven and Nature, we need not fear this new President.

I think now more than ever, we need to be supportive in any way we can for the sake of our country, which includes prayer for our new leader. Obviously we need to do what we can to hold on to our values, but the last thing I want is a bunch of crazy ultra right-wing nut jobs screaming for impeachment for Obama and being divisive. Luckily I don't think it will turn out that way, usually it's the liberals that are the sore losers.


Erik said...

Darin, your wisdom and character is shown in your words. I more than respect you and you are an amazing friend. God is honored by your words and I don't say those things lightly.

George said...

Well stated, Darin.

The list of items that President-elect Obama will be planning is quite strange when viewed on paper together. Some might even lose control of their emotions when reading it.

However, the God who made us all knows everything. HE knows what will happen and how it will happen. When people want things to change and the system (our government of representation) does not work, they turn to drastic approaches. An example is believing candidates really think they are bigger than God to changes things.

Maybe if people leaned on faith and what the bible says about living our lives we would see an improvement in the entire economy? Nah. That's too easy.

Darin, I appreciate your commentary and will be praying alongside you for our new President.

brianslaughter74 said...
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brianslaughter74 said...

Darin, as a soldier currently serving in Iraq I think it is crucial that we really start praying for our new President. I know I am challenged to pray for Obama and hope others will too.