Monday, November 17, 2008

Think about this

I was thinking about all we hear from the media. I've read some informative articles on why we should be, apprehensive to say the least. Here are some of what I thought were good points:

  • Politicians are usually more concerned about winning the next election than seeking economic truth, so don't take their word.
  • When political leaders communicate with their people, the media analyzes what they write/say.
  • How Americans view the world/US Gov./the economy is influenced by the media way too much.
  • Reporters with little or no economics training are often asked to define/explain/settle debates they know little about.
  • Gov. Spending does not pump $ into the economy; Gov. money must be first taxed or borrowed from it! (shifting existing income).
  • The right tax cuts help the economy by creating incentives to work, save, and invest.
  • Tax cuts don't increase the economy because they must be offset by equal reductions in investment/Gov. spending.
  • Reducing marginal tax rates on businesses create more business investment and a more productive workforce which helps the economy.
  • We shouldn't be looking for the best tax cuts-we should be looking for policies that will encourage the work, savings, and investment needed to grow the economy

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Jim said...

It's nice to know I have a nephew who "gets it" when speaking of socio-economic, political matters.

Another common practice that affects us very negatively is the tendency for politicians to push off onto future generations debt that is accruing as a result of their irresponsible, selfish spending now--- in order to get re-elected.

Voters buy into this selfishness (free national health care, increased minimum wage, more welfare benefits...) in order to have a lifestyle that is actually better than when they can afford.

The pain and suffering thus inflicted upon our Grandchildren is unconscionable.

And lastly, more government intervention is NOT going to solve the problems already caused by too much government intervention.
NO bailouts!!

Thanks for summarizing your thoughts! Well said!
Uncle Jim