Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain's Healthcare Plan

McCain's health care plan is WAY, WAY better than Obama's. Totally a free market solution! You buy your own insurance. $5000 tax credit. For a lot of people that pays all or 1/2 of the total cost! Plus it INCREASES competition by making your choices for insurance nationwide. Rates will go down. If you don't want to be forced to have insurance, or only want a high deductible plan, you don't have to be forced into anything. FREEDOM!


Dad said...


The reason we have most of the problems that exist in our US economy today is BECAUSE of government intervention.

If we could keep the cotton-pickin' feds largely out of our private enterprise affairs, we would be much better off... guaranteed!

Sarbanes-Oxley was a misguided knee-jerk reaction attempt to prevent abuses at the corporate level, but this could have been taken care of by outraged shareholders, as it should have been. The cost of this overzealous legislation has been enormous and has stifled business growth.

We would not have a health care crisis (as it is claimed we have) had the government not mandated that hospitals must treat "anyone" regardless of their ability to pay. That has driven up medical costs for everyone tremendously! Law makers don't have the authority to issue such unconstitutional rulings.

Attempts by the "bleeding-heart" Liberals to make home ownership (and easy credit)available to those who don't qualify caused the credit meltdown. Again, government inflicted.

These are just 3 examples of government run amok!
Get the feds, with their ineffiency, their lack of profit incentive, their socialist leanings--- out of our lives before it's too late!

They are messing everything up so badly that it may unrecoverable. And that is in spite of the welcome surge today, which is probably just a flash in the pan of "burning grease" which could cause 3rd degree burns to our economy.

Nice Blog, BTW...!

Kind regards, Uncle Jim

PS: I wonder... now that I am a part owner of AIG (involuntarily), will I get discount on my insurance?

Author said...

Loved your post keep it up. I hope to see more of these soon.

Still voting 3rd Party